news information app

10 to 12 y
to break down a
plastic bag

Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles in the Earth's environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans. Plastics are inexpensive and durable, and as a result levels of plastic production by humans are high.

news information system
The task of the main project is to develop a news system in the sense of an application for a smartphone. The topic of the news is freely selectable. A name and a suitable logo must be designed for the app. The main aspect of the project is to design the app purely typographically.

After finding a topic, I thought about what I would like to incorporate into the app as content in addition to the given criteria such as name and logo, news feed structure and information transfer. For me personally, it was important that the news items spread both positive and negative information. Thus a problem solution or a suggestion for improvement can be presented at the same time. The app should inform objectively about this important topic, but also by a special function, it should give the viewer a possibility to comment contributions, to exchange among each other and to share experiences and tips. A menu navigation with subitems such as local shops, information on plastic consumption in different countries or companies is also an idea i thought about.

logo - wordmark
Since the app is only to be designed typographically, I found a word mark most suitable for the logo. The name of the news system "stop using plastic" should stand for itself as a statement. It shows the topic and challenges the user to deal with the topic. I later compared the font with my text content and chose the Univers Condensed typeface.


screen 1
Displays the home screen of the smartphone with the app icon of the information system. The name "stop using plastic" is abbreviated to "sup".

screen 2
Shows the splashscreen of the app with the full logo name.

screen 3
Navigation menu with different categories but with the sub-theme plastic. Considerations from the subitem "concept" included.

screen 4
If the menu item "news" has been clicked, you will automatically be forwarded and can arrange your news feed into topics by subscribing to them via the plus sign. Subscribed topics are now preferentially displayed in the newsfeed through this subscription.

screen 5
This is the screen for the news that you always get up to date. The left-justified messages stand for written contributions, the right-justified ones for videos.The arrow key takes you to the selected post.The date and time for the overview are built into the frame.

screen 6
Here you can see the screen of the news item. The headline is larger than the continuous text. Additionally you will find information about the date and the author of the post.

screen 7
Under each post it is possible to write a comment. Written comments can be read by any viewer.

I digitalized the scribbles as wireframes and decided to work out only the first and the last three screens. The wireframe served me as a good basis to build the screens evenly.

The choice of the font was relatively easy, because the Univers can look very modern but also serious due to its timeless character. In my opinion, the condensed cut in particular is very well suited for conveying information. For the logo I chose the Ultra Condensed cut otherwise the rest of the text is designed with the Light Condensed.

I used a dark grey for headlines and smaller additional texts. The grey tone makes the writing appear softer than a strong black and creates less contrast to the white background. I used the light grey for the continuous text in order to get a border to the headline and to make the design softer. An additional colour was created in the shade turquoise. It adds a little more expression to the design and is used to highlight details. For the background I have chosen a clear white. To underpin the later stylish and simple character of the design.

individual work

supervised by
René Urlich