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abstract data viz evaluation

In order to show the different resistance against cold and the general perception of various people I created a questionnaire. By the participation of 12 persons I received a well filled data set, which I evaluated and developed a concept to create a data visualization from it.

evaluation of the survey

amount of participation
the perception of cold 12 people participated and nine of them are female and three of them are male.

average height
The average height of the respondents is 170cm. The two extreme ones are 153 and 190cm.

The respondents chose between five representations of the physique. One person chose the first, four the second, three the third, three the fourth and one the last representation.

connection to cold
Seven of the 12 respondents say they have a negativ connection to cold. Four say it is neutral and only one has a positive connection to the cold.

cold resistance
The value range for the evaluation of the own cold resistance lies between very low and very high. One person was rated very low, one in the middle. Nine of the respondents were in the lower third and one person in the upper third.

The hands and feets get at first cold. After that the ear and than the legs, upper body, nose, ancle and arms.

The temperature the respondents feel the most comfortable is between 19-30 degree.

connection to cold
Most of the respondents combined the colour blue and white with the cold. Followed by grey, light and dark blue, violet and turquoise. The respondents associate the word cold with feelings, experiences, illnesses and different places.

respondent Nr. n
female and 178cm tall

physique: second
representation connection: neutral
resistance: middle of the range
colour: blue, white
association: silence, emotional coldness, snow, winterholiday

individual work

supervised by
Anna Wiederkehr