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interaction designer


training as Graphic Designer,
Ferdinand von Steinbeis School

passed with a commendation;
additional technical college teaching;
2014 Sept -  2017 Jul

BA Interaction Design,
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

SoSe 18 - currently in the fifth semester

Intern as Interaction Designer,
ixds in Munich

2020 Mar - 


Liebherr- Hydraulikbagger GmbH
as a technical product designer;
2012 Nov

as a Graphic Designer
2016 Aug -  Sept

skills and goals

My areas of expertise in which I enjoy working are design, strategy, management, creative direction & development. In my projects I find efficient workflows, communication among each other and a dose of self-discipline to be crucial. I have the skills to work efficiently with a team but I can also stay focused and get the job done when working alone. A strong work ethic and a playful mind drives working in small groups and when working alone.

For my own future I would like to deepen my understanding of complex changes in the world, question accepted norms, analyze them critically and creatively develop unique interactive design solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. To delve further into the field and influence society by designing meaningful interactivity between people, machines, systems, processes, societies and cultures -  always with the human factor in mind.

In my opinion the biggest mistake a designer can make is to lose their curiosity. I think it is very important to break out of the familiar environment in order to be able to view situations, problems and solutions from a different perspective and create projects with a broader understanding.